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Diwali Sale

IndeeFresh launched biggest ever sale on Diwali. New customers get $10 off while old customers ger $5 off on 1st order.

To avail the offer:

1. Order should be placed with IndeeFresh app. Also like facebook page.

2. Order should be over $79 for $10 offer & over $69 for $5 offer.

3. For $10, you will get %5 while placing order and $5 as 500 Indeecash points for next order when you write Google reviews. Valid till 30th Sept'2020.


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Benefits of Karela Bitter Goud or Bitter Melon

Talking about Karela or Bitter Gourd, it is a fruit which is full of essential nutrients. When you prepare a juice of bitter Gourd and consume, it can replenish you with various health benefits. Did you know that Karela Juice has a benefit for almost all age groups? It indeed is a healthy and versatile fruit.

How is Bitter Gourd a Vegetable?
Bitter Gourd is used similar to a vegetable in cooking and thus based on its usage, it might be classified as a vegetable. A lot of people still call it a fruit as it contains seeds.

Grown in the sub-tropical climates in Asia, this is a very powerful cleanser and detoxifier. Don’t be turned off by its name and taste. I...

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IndeeFresh expands its service areas.after COVID-19

INdeeFresh expanded its service areas during COVID-19 to provide relief to community and stop spreading the virus by delivering groceries to their doorstep.


Customers may search grocery by entering following text in google search, yahoo search, bing search or microsoft searcch or apple iOS searches.

Indiangrocery  near me
Indiangrocery in Addison, TX
Indiangrocery in Balch Springs, TX
Indiangrocery in Carrollton, TX
Indiangrocery in Cedar Hill, TX
Indiangrocery in Cockrell Hill, TX
Indiangrocery in Combine, TX
Indiangrocery in Coppell, TX
Indiangrocery in Dallas, TX
Indiangrocery in De...

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COVID-19 Mask

An article from business insider suggest that The coronavirus pandemic is pushing more people online and will forever change how Americans shop for groceries.

  • The coronavirus pandemic has meant that many US shoppers are switching to online grocery delivery or pickup services to avoid shopping in stores. 

  • Experts say that we could see a permanent shift after the pandemic has passed with more people choosing to shop for groceries online as they become more accustomed to this.  

  • More people are trying these services than otherwise would have without this catalyst and gives online players a greater chance...

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Happy Holi To you all

Holi is a unique festival, the likes of which are probably not found anywhere else in the world. A boisterous yet colourful celebration of the many myths, legends and deities associated with it. Holi is marked as much by religious fever and devotion as it is by loud music, traditional dances and of course the forceful scrubbing of bright gulal and abeer on friends and relatives. Interestingly, in India, different cities and states have their unique traditions and ways of observing this day. We bring you the top five destinations where Holi is not just a riot of colours, but a meaningful amalgamation of traditions and devotion. These are must-visit places during Holi, if you want a real fe...

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Catering for Christmas and New Year Holiday Party!

Your upcoming Party can be full of fun! No hassle when you get food delivered through IndeeFresh!

IndeeFresh Food Catering.


Planning to host a Holiday Party during Christmas or New Year? offers FREE delivery on following catering packages:

 SAVE: Get $25 OFF sending code "CATER" on WhatsApp-214-717-3997.


1. Appetizer
     Veg or Chicken
2. Entree
      Any veg or chicken
3. Biryani
      Veg or Chicken
4.  Dessert

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Southlake DiwaliFest INdeeFresh Raffel Winner is ...

Hi Winner,

Congratulations on winning $100 worth of free grocery from IndeeFresh. Please order today and get it delivered to your home same day, next day or any other day of your choice.



1st winner will be contacted via mode of communication provided in order WhatsApp, Text or email.

Offer remain valid to be claimed within 30 days from the day of announcement.

This winning offer can't be combined with any other offer.

Offer valid in Dallas metroplex delivery areas only.


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Dear Valued Customer,

Our commitment to deliver fresh produce and grocery, right to your homes, has been the core value of our business. We are pleased to announce the launch of our new brand name IndeeFresh. 

The new name better aligns with our vision of serving the most fresh grocery to more customers.

Based on your feedback, we have added some exciting new website features. These will be followed by launch of our apps on Android and Apple mobile devices.

We are still the same great people with the same great service. Customer sati...

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Consumers cough up $5,400 a year on impulse purchases

Most spontaneous purchases involve eating: 70.5 percent of respondents in a recent survey name food as their biggest impulse purchase




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Back to School Sale

Back to School Sale from

Its time again to focus on kids as they go back to school. Time is the biggest challenge for any working parents. We try to solve this big problem by offerring you Grocery Home Delivered.
Order Grocery Online and we will deliver to your doorstep as soon as same day.


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Food Storage and Safe Handling - Simple Tips

Storing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Better TasteSafe Handling

To be sure fruits and vegetables are not contaminated with harmful bacteria, follow these simple steps when selecting and storing fruits and vegetables.

1. At home, keep fruits and vegetables separated from raw meat, poultry, and seafood to prevent cross-contamination.

2. Once at home, store all fresh-cut ready-to-eat prepared produce in the refrigerator to keep it cold.

3. Wash all whole fruits and vegetables, including larger items like melons, just before preparation for eating. Cut out damaged (bruised, discolored) areas before eating.

4. Before and after handling frui...

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Happy Holi - Thursday March 21st

                                                               Happy Holi

Holi celebration takes place with lot of joy and verve throughout the country and may parts of world. The enthusiasm of the people reaches its peak and matches with the nature which is in full bounty at the time of Holi.

Differences of any sort are drowned in the coloured waters of Holi and...

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Mehndi - Henna tradition

Mehndi, otherwise known as henna, is a paste associated with positive spirits and good luck. Indian Wedding tradition calls for a Mehndi ceremony to be held the night before the wedding as a way of wishing the bride good health and prosperity as she makes her journey on to marriage. The Mehndi Ceremony is organized by the Bride’s family bringing together the female components of each side. While Mehndi is mainly for females, male relatives are invited to join in on the party that comes after the Bride has completed her henna. The core significance of applying Mehndi is to utilize its natural medicinal herbal remedies, cooling the body and relieving the Bride of any ...

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Patel Grocers in Southlake, TX

Dear residents of Southlake, TX, we are pleased to announce that Patel Grocers is ready to serve you starting 7th March, 2019.



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