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Urdu: coffee
Welsh: coffi (pronounced ko-FEE)
In many languages throughout the world, the letter 'k' is preferred over the hard 'c,' and yet the word is pronounced in a very similar manner.

Afrikaans: koffie (pronounced coffee)
Dutch: koffie (pronounced coffee)
Esperanto: kafo
German: der Kaffee (pronounced kah-FEE; masculine; the “K” is capitalized because all German nouns are capitalized)
Finnish: kahvi
Hindi: kofi (pronounced KOH-fee)
Russian: kofe (pronounced koe-fee)

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New and improved Bru Coffee now comes to you with a greater aroma and taste. In a blend that combines convenience and tradition to give you a truly aromatic cup of coffee. With a taste so enhanced, that it makes every moment a special moment. Bru Instant coffee is a blend of 70% coffee and 30% Chicory, a perennial plant. The taste that has been, and will be the favorite of coffee lovers for years. 

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