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Cauliflower Phool Gobi x 1ct

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Hindi: phool gobi, Phul Gobhi, English: Cauliflower, Malayalam: , Tamil: Pookkosu, Telugu: Kasugadda, gobi puvvu, Kannada: Hookosu, hu kosu

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Cauliflower is often considered one of the healthiest foods on Earth, and there is good reason why. With its rich supply of health-promoting phytochemicals, high level of anti-inflammatory compounds, and ability to ward off cancer, heart disease, brain disease and even weight gain, it seems there isn’t much cauliflower is unable to do.



1. Boost Ultraviolet Radiation Protection
2. Fight Inflammation
3. Lessen Heart and Circulatory System Issues

4. Lessen Cancer Risk

5. Abundant Supply of Vitamin K

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