Mango Thokku Pickle Priya 300g

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Achaar, aachaar, Mango, Amchoor, Amia, Amiya,Mangai, Mavinakai, Mavidi

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The authentic Mango indulgence of South India, cut mango pickle has a special recipe made out of carefully sourced mangoes. It is a favorite accompaniment of Indian Meals,breakfast and even snacks.
Popular with all ages and regions, one of our most popular preparations, every piece of this pickled Cut Mango will have you reaching for more.

Available with Garlic & Without Garlic.


  • Mango Pieces,
  • Iodized Salt, Mustard Powder,
  • Refined Rice Bran Oil,
  • Red Chilli Powder,
  • Mustard Oil,
  • Fenugreek Powder and Turmeric Powder.

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